Founder Perry D. Vogel

PictureMy colony site location is on south side of Grand Forks, North Dakota. I have been a Purple Martin landlord since 2001 and a mentor since 2008. My colony started with 4 pairs and had 29 pairs fledging 109 young at its peak. Now some of my effort centers on Purple Martin distribution via establishing and revitalizing colony sites throughout the Dakotas.

I am also involved in our North Red River Valley Purple Martin Project. Public lecture programs will get people thinking about attracting Purple Martins and looking at structures from the perspective of placement, nest box maintenance and monitoring. The public will benefit through hands-on education about Purple Martins and having three public access sites, one located in Minnesota and the others located in North Dakota.


Founder Paul W. Mammenga

PictureMy colony site location is near Columbia, South Dakota. I have been an active landlord since 2000. My colony started with 2 pairs and is now 55 pairs fledging 200 young.

I am also involved in the migration tracking research project with York University and PMCA. 33 geolocators (which collect data on light levels rather than transmission) were deployed in 2011 with plans to deploy 15 geolocators on any returning geolocator martins. Additionally, I hope to color band 400 to 500 nestlings for a natal dispersal research project in South Dakota.