2019 season

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2019 season

Postby SYmywa » Wed Sep 25, 2019 8:36 am

Hi Folks
So howd the season go?
Did the pair numbers remain steady?
How bout clutch to fledge ratio?
Did predators stay at bay?

We realized a nice increase in pairs, from 5 in 2018 to 13 in 2019.
They fledged 47, up from 22, out of six individual Systems.
No predator issues noticed! Returned 1 pre-fledge to a cuby, fledged successfully!

Anyone bringing down systems for cleaning, Mabe New coat of paint?
We're replacing an old Heath converted, with some fresh Bungalows,
Due to maintenance issues. Rack for cable system is bout ready, first
Bungalow of 4 is awaiting paint.
Update; As of Oct 1st, now have 4 Bungalows awaiting paint, started
nest trays. ;)

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