Software Updates and Upgrades

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Software Updates and Upgrades

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Over the last few months, it has become necessary to take a proactive stand against SPAM and malicious activity on the Purple Martin Association of the Dakotas websites. Starting in October 2019 and finishing in March 2020 all major components of the website have been updated with the following upgrades. You may notice some changes with the appearance of this forum and how it is embedded into the website. Before the update the forum was embedded into a theme, which required hundreds of changes to the themes template. Now with the forum embedded into the website there were only five minor changes to the default site logo and home links behavior. Minimizing the themes template changes will allow us to update the software on a regular basis which will mitigate SPAM and malicious activity. If you have any problems with the site, please reach out to us right away.

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PHP		7.3.12		21-Nov-2019	general-purpose scripting language
concrete5	8.5.2		02-Oct-2019	open-source content management system (Home)
phpBB		3.3.0		06-Jan-2020	internet forum package (Forum)
WordPress	5.4.0		31-Mar-2020	open-source content management system (Blog)
Zen Cart	1.5.6c		16-Jul-2019	online store management system (Store)