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Purple Martin Organization Receives Housing Grant for Public Education Project

Grand Forks, North Dakota (March 30, 2012) - Songbird Essentials and the Purple Martin Conservation Association (PMCA) have awarded a grant to Purple Martin Association of the Dakotas for one Lonestar Alamo system (house, pole, pole guard, perching rods, winch and ground socket) from the PMCA to support the North Red River Valley Purple Martin Project.

"This is the beginning for the work that will be done in the community to educate the public about the ecological benefits of Purple Martins," said Perry Vogel, founder of Purple Martin Association of the Dakotas. Vogel went on to say, "Our organization is completing its first month of operation. The grant will lay the ground work for the educational and scientific purposes of the start-up nonprofit corporation. We are not doing this work alone. Already, we are in collaboration with Audubon Center of the Red River Valley, as part of the Agassiz Audubon Society located in Warren, Minnesota."

"It is very nice to see two different organizations working together to promote Purple Martins and educate the public on the different trials that cavity nesting birds are facing at this time," said Bob Aeppli, Biological Technician for PMCA.

Agassiz Audubon Society has scheduled several public lecture programs at local libraries to get people thinking about attracting Purple Martins and to look at the structures they may have installed from the perspective of placement, nest box maintenance and monitoring. The goal is to get the public interested in birds, nature and conservation, and to help bring back cavity nesting birds including Purple Martins. Perry Vogel of Purple Martin Association of the Dakotas will be guest presenting "Myths About Purple Martins & How to Attract Them" with presenter {name removed at the request of person} of Agassiz Audubon Society.

The public will benefit through hands-on education about Purple Martins and having two public access sites, one located in Minnesota and the other located in North Dakota. Both organizations will benefit mutually from the grant because of the partnership that will develop. Ultimately the Purple Martins will benefit the most by having two groups working together.

The Minnesota location of the site was approved to be {at} the Agassiz Valley Water {Resource Management Project}. There are several North Dakota locations pending approval in the Greater Grand Forks area. One Lonestar system will be located at each site. Plans are to complete the installation of the housing by May 15, 2012, in time for the second year (SY) Purple Martin spring migration. Within the guidelines set forth by the PMCA, installation will be completed, in-kind, by volunteers under the advisement of Purple Martin Association of the Dakotas’ founder, Perry Vogel.

Purple Martin Association of the Dakotas became a Nonprofit Corporation in North Dakota on March 7, 2012 with South Dakota’s founder Paul Mammenga and North Dakota’s founder Perry Vogel. Combined, the Purple Martin Association of the Dakotas founders have over two decades experience as successful Purple Martin Landlords. Their expertise in Purple Martin husbandry will facilitate educating the public to understand all of the obligations and responsibilities for housing Purple Martin inhabitants. The partnership with {name removed at the request of person} at Agassiz Audubon Society is one effort to collaborate with other organizations to install Purple Martin housing. To find out more about projects, please visit {}.

Perry D. Vogel, Founder
{(701) 732 - 0246}